The Ultimate Energy Consciousness Vault

Open the door to your personal energy and awareness by understanding energy consciousness. Stop the overwhelm and the bouncing around in your constant search for information and people that are knowledgeable and honest.

Are you ready to experience a life altering mind shift? The understanding that there is no going back to the old way of seeing the world?

Welcome to our Ultimate Energy Consciousness Vault.

Are you ready to experience a life altering mind shift? The understanding that there is no going back to the old way of seeing the world?

Our Ultimate Energy Consciousness Vault is designed to introduce you to the profound teachings and techniques of Energy, enabling you to tap into the limitless energy that surrounds us and harness it for your own personal growth and healing.

The Ultimate Energy Consciousness Vault is your gateway to unlocking the power within you and has been created by professionals with over 20 years of experience. This knowledge will be passed on to you in a thorough and easy-to-understand online modules. 

This course has been designed to give you everything you need to know about energy, the subtle bodies, chakras, cleansing and protecting your own energy, grounding and so much more…

In this course, you will:

 –           Learn the fundamentals and baseline knowledge and awareness of energy.

 –           Discover chakras and how people present when their chakras are balanced/overactive/underactive, their functions, locations, associated organs and body parts, spiritual lessons and associated personality traits. 

–           Acquire knowledge of the aura and subtle bodies, universal life force energy and the multidimensional aspects of human anatomy. 

–           Explore your energy circulatory system.

–           Develop an awareness of energetic hygiene, so that you no longer carry other people’s heavy emotions.

–           Unearth the knowledge of how to maintain your sacred space and energetic boundaries.

–           Discover the missing links between physical and metaphysical health and well-being.

–           Put it all together, with balancing the mind, body and soul.

–           Learn how to rest, harmonise and stimulate your chakras and auric field.

–           Become empowered with the awareness of how to maintain this for yourself.

When you enroll in our Ultimate Energy Consciousness Vault, you embark on a life-changing adventure, embracing new knowledge and skills that will empower you on every level.

 Opening up to the world of Energy Consciousness brings about a renewed sense of hope and joy as you discover the potential for healing and transformation, both within yourself and those you touch.

 You will also be supported on your journey through our online community where you can make connections with like-minded individuals who share your passion for personal growth.

 Are you ready to take your power back and discover more?

Come experience the mystical and magical world of energy awareness and discover the limitless potential that lies within you.

The Ultimate Energy Consciousness Vault
The ultimate place to find genuine and valuable information about energy consciousness without the overwhelm and confusion of searching the web and online platforms yourself. After our many years of study, research and implementation, and after teaching and serving thousands of clients over the years, we are confident that you will find all of this information helpful and practical on your journey towards becoming more energy conscious.
The Ultimate Energy Consciousness Vault is a 11 Lesson Course that will enable you to achieve professional results!
Beautifully presented, learning all of the theory at your own pace, all from the comfort of your own home.
Includes Video Presentations, Printable Handouts, as well as Support and Guidance.
Structured & easy to undestand lessons and techniques. With guidelines, video presentations, printable handouts, as well as Support and Guidance to make things easier and to give you loads of confidence.
Lifetime access to your purchased Course Content. It’s Great value for money.
That's right if there is any industry changes we update the information that's relevant to you. no ongoing subscriptions required.

Module #1 BASELINE KNOWLEDGE AND AWARENESS OF ENERGY that you begin to understand your energetic anatomy.

Lesson #2 THE CHAKRA MATERIA MEDICA that you know exactly how people present when their chakras are balanced, overactive, underactive, the functions, locations, associated organs and body parts/senses/spiritual lesson/purpose/emotional and personality traits of each main chakra.

Lesson #3 THE AURA AND SUBTLE BODIES that you understand universal life force, the multidimensional aspects of human anatomy, the subtle body layers and what they do and are.

Lesson #4 THE MERIDIAN SYSTEM that you understand your energy circulatory system.

Lesson #5  ENERGY HYGIENE that you do not allow yourself to carry other people's heavy energy, stressors and keep your field clear.

Lesson #6 MAINTAIN YOUR SACRED SPACE that you can reliably keep your home and space around you clear and of higher vibration. Maintain energy boundaries and how to cleanse your energy.

Lesson #7 THE MISSING LINKS BETWEEN PHYSICAL AND METAPHYSICAL HEALTH AND WELL-BEING that you are able to understand the links between the chakras, subtle body and associated planes of existence.


...with the magic solution..  - ACTION!

Lesson #9 HOW TO HARMONISE, REST AND STIMULATE YOUR CHAKRAS AND AURIC FIELD learning the tools yourself as to what you need to do and understand, to maintain balance and harmony.


...without wasting months and years procrastinating, searching aimlessly for this information!!
What People Say
The Institute of Enlightened Awareness – Reiki Level One and Two online courses were an awesome experience, and I am just speechless at what I acquired from the training.  I enjoyed everything about the training and have already incorporated it into my everyday life. Caroline and Stephen are fantastic, always there on hand for support and guidance, you are certainly not left to your own devices – if you need help or understanding, just ask. Now I feel extraordinary energy to deal with some issues I am going through, as a result of these courses.  I can see more of this training coming up, because of its impact on people’s lives.  If it continues, sooner or later mindset will continue to change for the better.

What this website offers is an informative & comprehensive source in better understanding Reiki & its principles, offering additional information not normally found in one site. The course(s) have excellent content & are easy to navigate through the respective lessons. The colours & graphics are relevant & stand out on their own. There has been a lot of thought & energy into providing this thorough & extensive information, based on a wealth of personal experience and wanting everyone to know that there is a lot more than just doing a Reiki course. This is a well laid out & useable website which should be used as a starting point regardless of where you are on your journey.   I can highly recommend this very informative website.

I highly recommend the completely comprehensive enlightening courses on this website “The Institute of Enlightened Awareness”. The website was so easy to access and was truly a pleasure to use. The information was inspiring and so fully informative with the words being clear and very easy to read, I found I was able to read quite a lot of the interesting and thought-provoking information with the greatest of ease and at my own pace. I wanted to keep reading and enjoyed the practical aspects of the tasks too. For me, I found the courses very informative with loads of information, fun, challenging, confronting, always interesting and useful. The support has been absolutely amazing, energetically too. I have been able to put a lot down as I’ve grown, evolving my Self Awareness. Thank you for the beautifully presented, comprehensive, second to none courses, which are fully supported and allow for flexibility as required at times, which has always been supported so well too when I’ve needed extra help along the way just because I’m me. I am TRULY GRATEFUL to have found such well-informed courses including the fully supported assistance as required within each of the courses I’ve participated in, making it more light-hearted and enjoyable, a pleasure to learn and expand feeling total support.

Who are we?
The Institute of Enlightened Awareness is a collaboration of like-minded professional healers, from Adelaide Australia, that have come together to share their skills and knowledge with you.
We are proud to be at the forefront with, inspiring courses, creative and engaging course material. Creating a new innovative curriculum for online education which incorporates and explains the key concepts of many alternative healing modalities of ancient and modern traditions in alignment with the modern-day legal requirements.
Delivering exceptional, high quality, professional training courses & workshops to your fingertips. Years of professional clinical experience, knowledge, learning and teachings, all from the comfort of your own home.
"Wishing You The Awareness Of An Enlightened Life"

Don’t wait another moment to unlock the power within you.

Imagine a world where you wake up each day, brimming with vitality, feeling grounded and connected. Envision yourself radiating positive energy and effortlessly flowing through life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

Don’t wait another moment to unlock the power within you

Enroll in our Ultimate Energy Consciousness Vault today and embark on a transformative journey towards healing, personal growth, and empowerment.

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