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Increase your Power Within: Discover more of the ancient healing art of Reiki, including the ability to facilitate healings across vast distances. Embark on a transformative journey that will enhance your well-being, empower your life, and open up a world of infinite possibilities.

Are you ready to experience a positive shift in your life?

Welcome to our Karuna Reiki Level Two

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Are you ready to experience a positive shift in your life?

Our comprehensive Reiki Level Two Training Course is designed to deepen your awareness and understanding of the profound teachings and techniques of Reiki, enabling you to tap into the limitless energy that surrounds us and harness it for personal growth and healing and for the healing of your loved ones and others.

Reiki Level Two is your opportunity to unlock and expand the power within you and has been created by professionals with over 20 years of experience. This knowledge will be passed on to you in a thorough and easy-to-understand online modules.

This course has been designed to give you everything you need to know to conduct Reiki Treatments on yourself, your family, friends, animals, loved ones and potential clients either in person or over vast distances.

In this course, you will:

–           Learn the fundamentals and the Reiki Ideals or Precepts, delve into the symbols and their meanings, learn how to draw and use the symbols as well as gain a deeper understanding of the attunements.

–           Discover what to do before commencing a treatment, how to scan a person’s aura, how long you should treat an area for, background information on hand positions, various distant/absent healing methods and how to send healing to the past, present and future.

–           Acquire the practical techniques to conduct a full Reiki Treatment on others and treatment of yourself, as well as the hand positions for conducting a traditional Reiki treatment on another person.

–           Explore the traditional seven Western Chakra System, aura and subtle bodies, their relationship within our energetic body, what they are and what they do.

–           Develop an understanding of Reiki Hygiene, Shielding, Psychic Protection, the importance of Grounding, personal cleansing, space clearing and how to manage your energy field.

–           Become aware of your Reiki obligations regarding the National Codes of Conduct for all practitioners and Reiki practitioners, legal and clinical requirements, treating documentation, consent forms and practitioner obligations.

Reiki Level Two
Upon completion you will gain extensive, professional and comprehensive knowledge of over 20 years of professional experience and expertise at your fingertips. Your course will take your Reiki abilities to whole new level. During the course you will learn symbols and mantras to give added potency and functionality to your reiki abilities. You learn about Distant Healing and techniques for absent or distant healing. Everything you need to know to conduct Reiki treatments for yourself, family, Friends and loved ones. without being physically present.
Reiki Level Two is a 13 Lesson Course that will enable you to achieve professional results!
Beautifully presented, learning all of the theory at your own pace, all from the comfort of your own home.
Includes Video Presentations, Printable Handouts, as well as Support and Guidance.
Structured & easy to undestand lessons and techniques. With guidelines, video presentations, printable handouts, as well as Support and Guidance to make things easier and to give you loads of confidence.
Lifetime access to your purchased Course Content. It’s Great value for money.
That's right if there is any industry changes we update the information that's relevant to you. no ongoing subscriptions required.

Module #1 Reiki Introduction

In this lesson you are introduced to Reiki Level Two. You are given information on what Reiki Two is about, the Reiki Ideals or Precepts, what happens with the attunements, especially on psychic ability and the Reiki symbols. We discuss the importance of drawing and treating the symbols with respect. You are provided with diagrams that show you how to draw the symbols, as well as given information on what the symbols represent. Last but not least you are provided with points to remember that will aid your journey of learning and discovery. You want to be able to have a good understanding of the Reiki ideals/ precepts as they are the foundation of Reiki. The symbols will greatly enhance your practice and assist you in providing a more extensive healing to your clients. Practicing drawing the symbols will help embed them in your mind for when you want to use them in your healings. This is also where your understanding and your relationship with Reiki deepens to a new level.

Module #2 Reiki Techniques

In this module, you discover what to do before commencing a treatment, how to scan a person’s aura, how long you should treat an area for and some background information on hand positions and how much pressure to use. we also have a dedicated lesson distant or absent healing with various different methods. Gain useful insight into the reasons and ethics behind asking permission to perform a distant healing and learn how to send Reiki to the past, present and future.

Module #3 The Reiki Hand Positions

In this his module you will learn the framework of how to conduct a full Reiki Treatment. With step by step guides on the Reiki hand positions for self treatment and the importance of self-healing. And also the hand positions for conducting a traditional Reiki Treatment on others.

Module #4 Subtle Energy Field

In this module covers the Traditional Seven Western Chakra System and the aura and subtle bodies. Enabling you to start to develop an understanding of the complex relationship that exists within our energetic bodies. With important information on the Chakras, Aura and the Subtle bodies, what they are and what they do.

Module #5 Reiki Hygiene

In this module, you will learn about Reiki Hygiene, Shielding and Psychic Protection, the importance of Grounding, how to ground yourself, personal cleansing and space clearing and a bit about managing your energy field. It’s extremely important to know how to perform Reiki hygiene, so that you do not take on other people’s unwanted energy.

Module #6 Reiki Obligations

This module, specifically covers the National Codes of Conduct for all Practitioners & Reiki Practitioners, Legal and Clinical Requirements, Treating Documentation, Consent Forms and Practitioner Obligations. we give you all the information that you need to know, templates to create your own documents.
What People Say
The Institute of Enlightened Awareness – Reiki Level One and Two online courses were an awesome experience, and I am just speechless at what I acquired from the training.  I enjoyed everything about the training and have already incorporated it into my everyday life. Caroline and Stephen are fantastic, always there on hand for support and guidance, you are certainly not left to your own devices – if you need help or understanding, just ask. Now I feel extraordinary energy to deal with some issues I am going through, as a result of these courses.  I can see more of this training coming up, because of its impact on people’s lives.  If it continues, sooner or later mindset will continue to change for the better.

What this website offers is an informative & comprehensive source in better understanding Reiki & its principles, offering additional information not normally found in one site. The course(s) have excellent content & are easy to navigate through the respective lessons. The colours & graphics are relevant & stand out on their own. There has been a lot of thought & energy into providing this thorough & extensive information, based on a wealth of personal experience and wanting everyone to know that there is a lot more than just doing a Reiki course. This is a well laid out & useable website which should be used as a starting point regardless of where you are on your journey.   I can highly recommend this very informative website.

I highly recommend the completely comprehensive enlightening courses on this website “The Institute of Enlightened Awareness”. The website was so easy to access and was truly a pleasure to use. The information was inspiring and so fully informative with the words being clear and very easy to read, I found I was able to read quite a lot of the interesting and thought-provoking information with the greatest of ease and at my own pace. I wanted to keep reading and enjoyed the practical aspects of the tasks too. For me, I found the courses very informative with loads of information, fun, challenging, confronting, always interesting and useful. The support has been absolutely amazing, energetically too. I have been able to put a lot down as I’ve grown, evolving my Self Awareness. Thank you for the beautifully presented, comprehensive, second to none courses, which are fully supported and allow for flexibility as required at times, which has always been supported so well too when I’ve needed extra help along the way just because I’m me. I am TRULY GRATEFUL to have found such well-informed courses including the fully supported assistance as required within each of the courses I’ve participated in, making it more light-hearted and enjoyable, a pleasure to learn and expand feeling total support.

Who are we?
The Institute of Enlightened Awareness is a collaboration of like-minded professional healers, from Adelaide Australia, that have come together to share their skills and knowledge with you.
We are proud to be at the forefront with, inspiring courses, creative and engaging course material. Creating a new innovative curriculum for online education which incorporates and explains the key concepts of many alternative healing modalities of ancient and modern traditions in alignment with the modern-day legal requirements.
Delivering exceptional, high quality, professional training courses & workshops to your fingertips. Years of professional clinical experience, knowledge, learning and teachings, all from the comfort of your own home.
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Imagine a world where you wake up each day, brimming with vitality, feeling grounded and connected and able to send healing to your loved ones ANYWHERE AT ANYTIME! Envision yourself radiating positive energy and effortlessly flowing through life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

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